Your new home starts here

Looking for a stress-free and exceptional homefinding service in Den Haag? Look no further than Wunderink Makelaars. Whether you’re an expat, relocation company, or private individual working for international organizations such as embassies, NGOs, or governmental organizations, we’ve got you covered from the very start of your search until the handover of keys to your new home.

Expat Relocation Service

For expats arriving from abroad, finding a rental property in Den Haag can be challenging due to rental contracts being in Dutch and filled with applicable Dutch laws and legislation.

At Wunderink Makelaars, we assist expats from the start of their home search until the key handover. We schedule a meeting at our office or a location convenient for the expat, or via Skype if they are still abroad, to discuss their housing requirements and applicable time frames.

We actively propose available properties that meet the expat’s criteria, set up a home-finding tour (usually one day of property visits), pick the expat up from a convenient location (hotel or temporary housing), drive the tour, find the perfect rental apartment or home, and assist with the check-in. Our services are based on “no cure – no pay”.

Purchase assistance

At Wunderink Makelaars, we go beyond just suggesting properties to expats and also actively search and represent their interests in finding and purchasing their dream home. Our comprehensive services include reaching out to other agents with your search requirements, providing you with detailed information about preferred neighborhoods, public transport connections, property values, and potential technical issues.


If you are an international company or relocation company based in the Netherlands, and you are seeking a partner to assist your expat employees in finding temporary or permanent housing, please get in touch with our office by using the form at the bottom of this page. We will set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities that align with your business needs.

You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours.